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Cannabis, combined with embodiment practices like Yoga and Meditation can be an effective tool to positively influence our internal states.

This 18-hour Intensive for Yoga and Meditation Teachers is geared to equip you, the teacher, with a deep knowledge of cannabis. When we immerse ourselves into being a student of the plant, we can better support our students in practice. Cannabis is a complex plant that affects the whole person in many ways. From psychotropic euphoria and intentional joy to pain relief, full-body relaxation, and increased spiritual connection, cannabis plant medicine has the ability to add healing benefits to all of the layers of ourselves as students. Also, your students are already consuming and practicing, so we must be well educated and aware of how this plant works in the body, mind and practice.


This training is for you if:


-You are a trained Yoga, Meditation, or Mindfulness Teacher 

-You have a desire to help students travel into the internal deep healing states

-You are a natural guide and you are compassionate 

-You are deeply connected to creating safe spaces

-You care deeply about your students and their safety and wellbeing 

-You already practice or teach with the addition of plant medicine

-You are looking for a unique offering to your student population

-You are prepared to practice and complete homework

-You already consume cannabis OR you are comfortable beginning your journey here in this community with my support


This training is NOT for you if:


-You just want to get high on the mat with your friends or students

-You are NOT a formal teacher in the above practices

-You ONLY practice physical Yoga and you do not have much interest in the deep spiritual and healing parts of the above practices (living Yoga)

-You do not believe in the power of plant medicine, have internal bias and stigma that will keep you from consuming cannabis in this course

-You only teach hot Yoga, HIIT, or power Yoga for physical fitness (not recommended to consume WHILE practicing these forms of fitness)

-Cannabis is illegal where you teach, as safe consumption is important in this course

-You have no wifi or device to work with

Program Details


6 weeks



Sundays 2 PM - 5 PM EST



APRIL 2022



18-hours of in-class training, 90 minutes of weekly personal practice integration per week (9 hours), reading, homework (journaling to track and notice)



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More Info:

Application Form: 

Application forms will be available once registration is open.  You must first apply for the course and be accepted before your registration is confrimed.

Traditional Lands

We at Stephie Massey Inc. respectfully and humbly acknowledge that we are blessed to reside on the traditional lands of The Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nations People.

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