Better Sleep Bundle

Better Sleep Bundle

This Better Sleep Bundle includes the 6 Weeks to Better Sleep Series & Meditation for Deep Sleep download at a discounted price. 


6 Weeks to Better Sleep Series: 

This program is designed to improve the quality of your sleep.  The poses and sequences have been crafted to ensure optimal rest and relaxation.  Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice that enhances well being, aids with sleep and gut issues, reduce stress, and nourishes the Nervous System.


There are 3 classes in this program, and it has been designed for you to do one class per week for three weeks and then repeat! It is really as simple as that!


Meditation for Deep Sleep 

This short meditation will invite all of your senses into a deep state of relaxation.  The worries of the day will slowly disappear as you drift into sleep. Use this meditation even if you are on a bus, train, or napping on an exotic beach.  It can travel with you wherever you go as long as you have a device to play it on!  Improved sleep is only minutes away.  


This is a one time purchase of an audio file and you will have it for life!

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