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Living with Chronic Pain - I keep trying to keep up!

Shards of glass bumping down my cheeks like tears.

This is the only way I know how to describe my chronic nerve pain. It feels the same on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. Some of you may understand or know this kind of pain well. If this is you, I am so sorry, I am walking this road with you.

When I am over-tired, under-nourished, and stressed, this pain comes out to play. It is a direct result of chemo and could possibly, hopefully, get a bit better with time. The hopeful bit is that nerves can repair and heal, although it takes patience and time. So while I wait, I have one pharma drug and Cannabis daily to work with. This type of pain, I assure you is one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. I am obviously not a pain specialist or expert, but this is a tricky type of pain to treat allopathically or naturopathically and it is no different when treating this type of pain with Cannabis.

In regards to Cannabis and pain relief though, there is so much to be hopeful for. Science is proving what the Ancient Sages of the past and Veterans of today know: that Cannabis is a REAL option for pain relief. A very real option. Everyday studies are being shared, research is being done. In fact, globally, Canada is currently leading the way in some excellent supportive science and research. This plant has the ability to help so many people.

Now, back to me. (Insert my Dad laughing here)

My first question is why has the pain changed?

Now because I am keenly connected to my body and well-being, I know that the bone pain is gone and the joint pain is only bad now during low-pressure systems. This is new, with the transition to the new medicine called Letrozole, the side effects of Tamoxifen are gone.

As long as I can tolerate it, I will need to be on this medicine for several years. Of course, it is not without its side effects like increased nerve pain, insomnia, and headaches.

I am a little more irritable, weepy, and grumpy, but who isn’t - “tis the season” am I right?!?!

BUT, the one side effect that might put me over the edge is the freakin’ Chin Hair - yes, they have capital letters, because they have moved in and taken over! Basically, my chin is becoming a man’s chin and it just might be the deal-breaker. I tell ya….

Honestly, I have the BEST girlfriend who laughed and made my day when she sarcastically said “yup you did the surgeries and the chemo and ALL the cancer things - but nope - we stop at the Chin Hair!”

If you are in mid-life or Menopausal, you know this facial hair, you get me right?

I am still only a few months into this change though, so I am hoping it evens out, calms down and I can get used to how to treat this pain (and freakin Chin Hair) with ease. For now, I lather canna-topicals on my feet and hands to help me fall asleep or get through a hard day, whatever works, I try it all.

My daily goal upon waking every day is assessing the pain, tracking and noticing, and adding supplements and superfoods to help enhance healing. Layering the methods of pain relief like having an infused bath, then an edible, and practicing Restorative Yoga - this works really well for me.

I wish you all comfort and ease this Holiday Season and I wish wonderful things for you in 2021.



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