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Radiant Revolution

Virtual Retreat

This Retreat is about choosing a radical and radiant perspective in your life, EVEN when things are hard.  ESPECIALLY when things are hard.  You are choosing to spend time with YOU in a community.

We will spend an afternoon together in a community growing inner strengths so that you can count on them in the future. We need this more than ever right now. Building resiliency is necessary now more than ever.  This community is here so that we can remind each other to put the oxygen mask on OURSELVES first. We, as women in today's landscape of the world, are being stretched beyond what any of us might have imagined. Some days we hold it together, other days we are at a loss for how to move forward. 

In a community, we can help lift each other up AND be a shoulder to lean on for our sisters. In fact, we as women are meant to be in a circle, helping each other, daily.

This retreat is for you if you miss your best friends or your sisters and want to share a few hours in “experience” with them.

Together, with my special guests, we will arm you with tools to help you move forward, to help you connect more to yourself and your deeper purpose. In my family, we coach each other when we get stuck in the mud. We push each other to keep moving forward.  I am here to help you remember to take care of yourself first. Always.

So, like the Lotus flower, with its deep roots, it stretches and blooms as a radiant beautiful flower, DESPITE the mud.

This is our gathering of soft-hearted women, who are changing the world with compassion and community, everyday freakin' day.


 🌼 Juli Conard from Cannabis Companion will take us through an interactive session called "Our Mindset Matters"! This WILL be powerful.
🌼 Jen McCutcheon from Truly Connected will lead us through two breathwork practices!
🌼 Stacy Bobak, Co-Host of A Tincture of Time Podcast, will join us and tell us all about a system in our bodies that we were NOT taught about in school!
🌼 Dr. Leigha Saunders from True Roots Healthcare will be with us to share her top Sleep Tips and Tricks for Women in her The Sleep Fix session!
🌼 Christy Field from A Sweet Life Yoga will guide us through the final moments of our time together.
🌼 Stephie Massey will be sharing with you her favourite Meditation called “Loving Kindness” and will talk to you about Dharma/Purpose and unpack all of this from the lens of Yogic Philosophy!



To set yourself up for success our team suggests the following to have prepared for the retreat:

  • Wifi, phone, tablet, laptop, earbuds, speaker(optional) *Alert, watch for teen gamers, they may slow your wifi...

  • We will send you the ZOOM link a day before the event.

  • Writing materials

  • Your favourite snacks! This event is wine, coffee, tea, weed, and chocolate friendly:)

  • YOUR space matters. First, do your best to find a quiet corner of your house. Create a nice space. You do not need to have a totally private space, but you may feel like privacy or quiet during some of the practices. You do not have to be in a chair tied to your laptop for this retreat!

  • Be creative. You can bring ALL the yoga and meditation props OR you can sit, lie on the floor, bed, couch, recliner!

  • Choose a song for your dance party! (3-5mins long) (see @stephiemassey on Spotify for this playlist IF this decision is too hard for you. I got you.)

  • We will have bio breaks, dance parties, and breakout rooms for additional community connections in this retreat.

  • We will be doing GIVEAWAYS throughout the whole retreat!!! All of our speakers have contributed, it is going to be amazing! 

  • One of my specialties in my job these days is in holding space for difficult discussions and situations. The space I hold is a safe, inclusive, compassionate, and kind space. All humans have a voice and story. This event is BIPOC/LGTBQ inclusive. And we will hold space and honour the original landowners of the land that Stephie Massey Inc. resides.


  • Juli Conards, Self Study Virtual Workshop "Increasing Our Happiness Quotient" Valued at $89.  Every ticket holder will receive this course after the event to dive deeper into working on themselves.  For more info click here.

Yoga at Home

Event Details

This event will be fully Virtual.  You will receive a link to this event two days before the event.


October 2021

Date to be confirmed!


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST 


Via Zoom


$99 per person 

Guest Speakers, Prizes, Swag, LIVE virtual experience! 

*Introvert friendly

*Cannabis, Wine, and Chocolate Friendly Retreat!

Meet The Speakers

More Info:

Traditional Lands

We at Stephie Massey Inc. respectfully and humbly acknowledge that we are blessed to reside on the traditional lands of The Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nations People.

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