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Baby Sleeping

Sleep + Yoga Series

Go from "wired and tired" to "rested and refreshed"

The vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep and feeling tired is brutal.

An extra coffee at the beginning does it. Then you find yourself dragging yourself through the day, having another afternoon coffee just to stay awake through the afternoon. You’re so tired, you could definitely take a nap on your couch, your desk or in your car. Then you push yourself through and wham – there’s that second wind.

Now you’re tired but wired.

It’s an overwhelming smack-in-the-face of all the things you didn’t get done today and all the things you need to do tomorrow. Anxiety about the what if’s and how will’s…

But when we’re not sleeping, we’re not healing.

Maybe you feel like you can never get enough sleep to feel awake in the morning, take forever to fall asleep, or wake up every hour during the night. You’re not alone.

Join Dr. Leigha Saunders ND and Stephanie Massey RYT for this series. 

Completed Fall   2020

Uxbridge, ON

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The EmPOWERed Rest Retreat

Completed Spring 2019

Spend the day with us and find JOY through emPOWERed REST! 
Restorative Yoga and Meditation have been proven to reduce stress, cortisol levels and increase JOY! Your hosts Lindsay Lesage and Stephanie Massey are both living proof that Restorative Yoga and Meditation can vastly improve mood and well-being - and they are sisters to boot!
​ Lindsay is a new(ish) mom finding relief from anxiety and sleepless nights through Yoga and Meditation. Stephanie is a Breast Cancer survivor who continues to find relief from pain and post-cancer symptoms using Yoga and Meditation. Re-set your nervous system with deep rest!

Meditation by the Sea


Pilates Stretches

Restorative Yoga


Strengthen connection with self.

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