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Medical Cannabis Education & Services


Medical Cannabis Services

Choose from in office visits at True Roots Healthcare or a Zoom call.

Image by Rick Proctor
Image by Rick Proctor
Image by Rick Proctor

Complimentary Alignment Visit


Discovery Call

15 minute Appointment

Book this complimentary in-office visit to have your preliminary questions about medical cannabis answered and to learn how Stephanie can help you navigate your medical cannabis prescriptions.

Initial Medical Cannabis Consultation

60 minute Appointment

In this initial consultation (in-office or virtually through Zoom), your health history, concerns and goals for medical cannabis use will be reviewed over Zoom.  Stephanie will provide you with education around the use of medical cannabis and a preliminary treatment plan.

Follow through Consult 

(Extended or Regular) 

30 or 45 minute Appointments

These appointments will be held in the office or through Zoom depending on your preference and schedule.


Medical Cannabis Education

Provide your clients with valueable knowledge by bringing Stephie to your office for a unique workshop.

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Zoom Workshops

Host a Zoom workshop for your clients so they can learn about how to incorporate Medical Cannabis from the comfort of their home.

1.5 hours Q&A with Stephanie Massey


In-Office Workshops

Host a workshop in your office for your clients so they can learn about how to incorporate Medical Cannabis.  Stephanie will provide all printed materials for your clients to take home.  

1.5 hours Q&A with Stephanie Massey



Why Medical Cannabis Education?

I was lonely.

As I began my journey with Medical Cannabis I was lonely.  

I can see that now.  Google search was the only place I was asking my questions.  Eventually, I connected here and there with a few people in the Medical Community. I found an amazing and informative Facebook group. I also found many terrible information sites and groups. I mean like terrible. Medical Cannabis patients deserve respect as for many of us Cannabis became a last resort medication to try. So you can imagine the kind of pain or symptoms that many of us were dealing with. There are so many complexities to dis-ease and pain is often highly involved. When we are in high pain it can become very difficult to make decisions. You get emotionally and mentally exhausted from your dis-ease or pain.

I created my Medical Cannabis Services, to try and fill a gap in the system. Often, after all your “active” Cancer treatment is done, as patients we feel like we are just out there on our own to worry about the cancer coming back, worry about pain and side-effects from our meds. I navigated the world differently after cancer. For example, I realised how important support groups were. It is a huge let down after treatment and it is when depression can kick in. I found that the same thing happened with Medical Cannabis. As I got started, I tried talking to pharmacists and they actually (at that time) could not answer my questions. All they could say was “we just don’t know enough”. I needed to feel cared for. I needed to know if there were contraindications to Tamoxifen(which I was to be on for 5-10 years to keep my cancer from returning). I was navigating this solo, as I wasn’t sure about telling friends or family that I was using Medical Cannabis. How was I going to navigate stigma? How do I talk to my teens about it? How can I get optimal results from this medication? Yes. So so many questions. 

This is why I am here to help. I have navigated this process myself, and know that it’s daunting and overwhelming to try to tackle it alone. I have been trained and I am insured, and I want to help you on your journey. You will feel more confident with using this medicine when you know you have the support and someone to talk it all through with.


Workshops & Events

Medical Cannabis Education Information Sessions

Image by Matthew Brodeur

Medical Cannabis Information Session

Thu, 27 February 2020

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

True Roots Healthcare

Uxbridge, ON