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Green Heart Club

Virtual & In-Person Expereince

Welcome to the community group, The Green Heart Club: Women, Weed, and Wellness. 


Community support is essential to health and well-being. We know that Cannabis STILL has a lot of stigmas attached to it.  Even though many of us understand that this plant can be therapeutically beneficial, as patients or recreational consumers, we may feel judged or stigmatized in our families, friend groups or at school or work.  


EVEN THOUGH cannabis is legal in our country, some of us still feel unsure. We get it!


What we know, from working with patients for over two years is that Stigma itself is detrimental to patient success and positive outcomes. 


Education in and with the community is one of the answers. This is one of the main reasons we have built The Green Heart Club!  To gather in the community to share knowledge based on sound science with a harm reduction focus. We have fun, meet new people in our community, learn something new and most importantly, share our love of the plant.  Cannabis is a plant of the people and the planet. Whether it is hemp clothing or building materials, cannabis oil or some flower you grew in your own backyard, we are here to celebrate the plant and all of its ability, through the endocannabinoid system, to help balance human health.







Join us on May 26, at 7 pm EST in person or via zoom for:


Cannabis for Wellness EXPERIENCE!


Join Steph and Stacy to learn more about how cannabis medicine can positively affect our nervous systems. Then join Steph as she teaches and guides you through a breathwork practice, followed by a guided meditation.  We welcome you to enjoy this relaxing evening with us.


Be sure to register early and get your free “Cannabis and your Meditation Practice” handout. This handout will help you prepare for our session together. After this session, you will have the skills to implement this practice at home to support your overall wellness.


We will be giving away a Yoga/Meditation prop package that includes a neck roll and eye pillow. These are Steph’s two favourite products to help deepen the meditative experience.  Every person who arrives in person will be entered in a draw to win!

Yoga at Home

Event Details

This event will be Virtual or in-person at Blue Heron Books (in the studio at the back of the store).  


Thursday, May 26th, 2022


7:00 PM EST 


Via Zoom or in-person (Uxbridge, ON) 


$15 per person + HST

Traditional Lands

We at Stephie Massey Inc. respectfully and humbly acknowledge that we are blessed to reside on the traditional lands of The Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nations People.

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