Stephie's Favourite Products


Sacred Sage Meditative Chrism EO

This is my go-to Essential Oil that supports my Meditation practice. A blend of globally grown sages and woods lend to a very powerful tool in helping you ground into the present moment. Sage clears the negative energies and thoughts. Can be diffused in your home to clear a disruption in energy. Place a drop between your hands, rub them together and then open your hands, lean in and smell and inhale deeply. Allow yourself to have a moment of stillness. Let the scent land and sink in.


Best Skin Ever-Rose

This is my go-to cleanser. It feels spa-like when I wash my face these days. This cleanser has been an outstanding option as I detoxed my self-care products over the last few years. I was skeptical at first, a cleanser that is an oil based product may give me pimples. Nope. The rose EO is a game changer for nourishing our skin.


Rose Glow Cream

This silky smooth cream uplifts the senses and nourishes the skin! This is my morning moisturizer and it is a real pleasure to gently massage my face with it.


Rose Glow Serum

This is where I elevate the senses the most! This serum is like no other I have ever tried. Ever. I love to use this serum at night, before bed (let it sink in before your head hits the pillow). One evening my son said to me, “Why is your face kinda bright pink?”, I laughed. I had just applied this magical and divine serum! You will not regret trying this product. I was not a believer until I tried it. Enjoy.


All Seeing Eye Creme

I don't usually buy into skin care that promises to reduce aging effects. Aging is such a privilege for me and my scars are the places I heal from, I don't want to “erase” them. So why do I need under-eye cream? I decided to jump on the train and add it to my life as another form of nourishment for myself. I LOVE it. Yes, I am surprised by this. Its super soft and silky and is not greasy or stings too bad if you rub your eyes from hours of crying lol.


Forest Bathing Kit

Trees play a huge role in my grounding practice. My hubby and I coach each other often, we bend but we don't break. Well, sometimes we break, but most times I am bending, swaying, trying to find balance. Forest Bathing is a proven and time tested form of healing. When you can't get to the forest, bring the forest to you :) Use the essence of the forest in your home and personal self-care routine everyday and watch the magic of the trees transform you.

My Favourite Essential Oils