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Love your body fiercely. My body positive message to you.

In mid June 2018, I put on a brave face and actually booked a photoshoot! It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Here is what I learned!

1. who the hell is that? - I guess I quickly realized how few mirrors I have in the house. I don't often really LOOK at myself in the mirror, like sometimes to a fault. Basically, clean clothes, brushed teeth and deodorant are my only self care in the mornings, then my day gets started and I just never check to see if I have sleep in my eyes or if my hair looks wonky. FYI, I wear earrings and rings and bracelets to bed, this facilitates my "put together" look you all are dying to copy. Ba hahaha!

2. I didn't know I had so many belly rolls. Like for real. In my head I basically thought I looked like JLo....don't all women? wtf?

3. It took me a few months to really be comfortable with these photos....why? why? why? Usually I am super ok with the body I have. I don't fuss over it. I only got on a scale for chemo, otherwise I refuse to use the scale. I don't ever count calories, portions, points or numbers. Food is fuel and fuel rocks! Food is delicious and I love to enjoy it with family and friends. Like we really can't survive without it. I move my body for joy not punishment! Are you still unpacking the why? ya me too! lol

4. Yes, I am a radical body positive person thanks to lots of education from my amazing friend Bronwen Tuck RD. Her years of conversation, guidance and enthusiasm towards loving your own body as it is right now, has taught me so much! So, I find I love being around people who are lifting me up! Who accept my radical self-love ideas...

5. THIS IS BIG my friends..... I cannot heal a body I hate. Did you hear me? I cannot HEAL a body I hate. So, love is the only way. It is the only way I am healing from cancer. I choose to love my body, just as it is right now. It has gotten me here, right now to this moment. My body has been here for me, even when it was sick. It showed up, worked hard and blessed me with more time. How dare I scowl at it and berate it and diminish it? Can you imagine!

Here's to hoping this life lesson inspires you to love you, right now in this moment.

Here's a big shout out to Luxe Beauty & Portrait Studio in Port Perry for their talent!

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