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FEEL it on the FIRST

I am here because…

After my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 I took self-breast exams SERIOUSLY.

I talked about it, I read about it, and I educated the women in my life about it. Those of us that are daughters to women trekking through this disease know. You just know that you can no longer ignore your body.

Please never doubt early detection. It saved my Mom’s life, mine too. It can lead to better outcomes. It was NOT available when this disease took my Grandmother’s life in 1989.

Listen up!

I want you to do this right now. Go to your Calendar and plug in your Self-Breast Exam for the FIRST day of every month.

Ladies, we put ourselves last ALL THE TIME. So, we sometimes need to change things up and “schedule” in our self-care. So mark it down and make it happen.

With all I have read, learned, and experienced over the last 9 years in the cancer care world in Ontario, I have a few insights for you.

Here's What I know:

  • I know that caring for ourselves first matters. Think oxygen masks on an airplane.

  • I know that being your own advocate is essential - in any healthcare situation.

  • I know asking questions and adding insight, EVEN, when on the operating table, is OK and actually my sovereign right.

  • I know that building a support team MATTERS and makes a difference to outcomes.

  • I know that knowing your Breast Density matters. Please discuss this with your Doctor.

  • I know that teaching our daughters about our delicate and intricate workings of the female body is essential and we can no longer ignore the lack of Education young girls are not receiving.

  • I know that most Cancer patients are low in Vitamin D and have increased stress in their lives.

  • I know mindset matters in every situation we are faced with.

Jan 1, 2021, this is our first day to FEEL IT ON THE FIRST. ***notice I am posting this a month late because I am the world's BEST procrastinator lol - Just ask my Momma!

I was 42, with teenagers and pre-menopausal when I found a dimple of the skin, with a lump deeply underneath. Dx Stage 3b DCIS.

My Mom’s Doctor found her small lump with a routine Mammogram and she had no symptoms or any idea it was even there. Dx Stage 2b DCIS.

Ladies, make 2021 not just about everyone else!

-Put your health first and keep your stress low.

-Set healthy boundaries and avoid overwhelm.

-Anchor into a Gratitude Practice

Breast Self Exams matter. Now, you just need to get ‘er done!

Love, S


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