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Zometa Infusion and Exhaustion

Last week was a big week for me. I had my Mammo and Ultrasound on Wednesday and my Zometa Infusion on Friday. It was a balance of emotions, to say the least. While in the ultrasound, the tech checked in with the Dr. and thankfully they are not worried about any "spots". You see, there is still a tremendous amount of healing happening from Breast Surgery in December. So there are pockets and different lumps and bumps in the Breast tissue, due to healing and scar tissue. These look very different than last years scans. I managed to get through that day pretty well. I then geared up for Friday. I got all my tools in place, meditations on my phone, snacks, drinks, hubby -check. I am beyond thankful than Lee got the day off to be with me. He really is my rock. A quick check in with my sister, who always reminds me that I can do hard things and then she "therapied" me a bit! I allowed myself to feel terrified and calm all at the same time. I had a wonderful nurse who was very reassuring. All in all the infusion went very smooth. When we left the hospital we arranged to have lunch with my Mom, which was so lovely. The side effects were manageable over the weekend. As long as I took Tylenol regularly and Claritin once a day, I had minimal breakthrough pain. Zometa is an infusion that is often used to treat Osteoporosis. Chemo and removing my ovaries put me into sudden menopause which is very hard on the bones. AS well, Tamoxifen can be hard on the bones too. I originally spoke with my Dr. and wanted to avoid this treatment by using a drug that is easier on the system. However at my last appt he mentioned a very recent study published that showed Zometa was also showing tremendous benefit in preventing hormone dense Breast Cancer from returning. He urged me to give it a try. So, I had to move beyond the fear of the side effects and sink into knowing this treatment was now part of the tool box that I use to keep me as healthy as possible.

I chose to DIG DEEP into gratitude and while the infusion was dripping into my veins I used visualizations to accept this medication and thank it for taking care of my bones. I invited it into my world with love and kindness. This is how I know that this infusion will add strength and prevention to my bones and my overall health. I am thankful to live in a world where this medication is an option for me. I am thankful for the kindness I was shown at the chemo clinic.

So fast forward to this week and the exhaustion is hitting pretty hard. I am not sure why, maybe there is no why, maybe this is just part of the package. So I will go with it. I will listen deeply to my body and rest. Last week was a big week. I am accepting that (although it is hard, because I have so much I want to be doing). I want to do so much, but my body just can't move lol. So I will read, write, listen and watch. No biggie. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Spring!

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