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So many Gifts!

Happy Summer to you and yours!

I know, it feels like forever since we have connected. Am I right? At least it feels like it to me. For me, time feels like it is flying.

I hope you are getting through your days with ease and joy!

Since I graduated Yoga Teacher Training in March I have had some exciting times teaching.

I had the immense privilege to teach at PPHS. I taught over 100 girls through their PE class. What a marvel it is to see such a huge group sink into the beauty of this practice. These girls opened their minds and hearts to me and to the practice and it was a wondrous experience for me. My amazing teacher Carol Baxter owner of Glow prepared me well for this experience!

I started teaching classes in Uxbridge at Pathways to Peace. I called Susan around the time I graduated and we connected instantly! I realised my ABSOLUTE LOVE, and passion for teaching and enjoying Restorative Yoga. It makes such a huge difference in my life and I am excited to continue sharing this gift.

I offered my first Karma class and my students helped with donations to our local Food Bank. My husband surprised me and showed up for one of the classes! He said it may not be his “thing” but he wanted to support me:) My eyes went all lovey dovey when he said that!

I partnered with my sister to create and implement a Restorative Yoga weekend retreat called The EmPOWERed Rest Retreat. It had its bumps in the road - like when Lindsay had to take the baby to the hospital early Saturday morning. Baby Q had pneumonia and was in the hospital for 2 days, poor little thing. I was able to up my game and finish the retreat as best I could without her. The support our family received from our retreat guests was like a giant hug. I surprised us all with my strength and Lindsay and her husband learned how to be strong during one of the hardest times in their life. They leaned into each other and did amazing.

I also was on the MY GRATITUDE ATTITUDE PODCAST…. Twice! He he…. That was so cool and so lovely to talk through my story with my loving sister.

I ran a half day workshop in Uxbridge focused on the Nervous System and Restorative Yoga.

I had immense joy teaching Restorative Yoga to a group of teachers that played a huge role in our families life. These teachers taught my kiddos from JK to grade 6 and are such a passionate and amazing group of people.

I had an opportunity to share the gift of Yoga with my son’s rep basketball team and I loved teaching to this group of teenage boys! We giggled a lot.

I dove into a very cool creation with one of my teaching mentors @asweetlifeyoga(Christy Fields). We created our own 6 week program, called The Connected Self Series, based somewhat on the teachings of Brene Brown. We dove into the gift of self-love and self-inquiry with 8 beautiful souls. We taught, we learned, we grew. What a gift!

I facilitated a local Courage Circle recently as well. We enjoyed meditation together as well as some wonderful insights. What an honour it was to be added to the list of facilitators.

Phew! What a Spring it has been. I honestly am only registering this now! Ah, a bit delayed I guess.

As some of you may know, I had an infusion called Zometa on May 10. The side effects hijacked my pace of life quite a bit. For 6 solid weeks I struggled. This infusion kicked my ass big time. I did not love being a “patient” again, however I worked hard at grounding into gratitude. I am blessed to have the option of care that is available to me.

I am enjoying a summer break from teaching, as I needed it. I have read a few great novels. I am listening to great music and enjoying family time. Life is a blessing.

Many days I spent on the go, super busy and not really registering all of the wonderful things I have been involved in, so, I decided to write them down! Now when I remember how tired out I am, I can say to myself -see, look at what you have been a part of!!!

I am sinking into summer with a grateful heart. I hope you have some time for gratitude this summer:)

Be well,


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