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Medical Cannabis and PTSD

PTSD, Cannabis, Medical Cannabis, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

Times are extremely tough right now. The entire world is feeling stress, grief, despair, uncertainty and gratitude all at the same time. When difficult times appear, PTSD can be triggered and some people may find themselves in crisis. So it is no coincidence that the most common questions I am getting right now as a Medical Cannabis Educator are surrounding Anxiety and PTSD and if Cannabis can be helpful.

The great news is YES. Cannabis is helping many people with PTSD.

But, my warning is this. Cannabis is NOT for everyone, it is not a panacea for all. Some people have negative reactions. Treating Complex Mental Health issues takes a team of experts. Anyone looking at using Cannabis for treating PTSD must be cared for by Drs. and Mental Health Experts. Please be your own expert in your health! Reach out for help from your healthcare team! This is not medical advice.

I have definitely had a few small flare-ups in the last few weeks. With the help of Yoga, Meditation, Cannabis and sleep, I got through them well. So if you are struggling, I get it.

PTSD is a complex mental health disorder that can present in extreme suffering. It can have long term devastating effects on quality of life. It can be very tricky to treat and to live day to day with. Many times, it takes a large variety of tools to treat it. One of these tools can be Medical Cannabis, as long as you are guided by knowledgeable Drs.

Here is what we know so far:

Nightmares, Night terrors, Insomnia, Pain and Flashbacks are very difficult to live with day in and day out for those suffering.

We know that these are some of the worst parts of living with PTSD. The reason why Cannabis works to help treat these symptoms is due to the effectiveness of THC in the brain. We all know THC to be the molecule that creates the euphoric high and the reason it does that is by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. The disruption of short term memory is the desired result of THC in this case. For those suffering, “forgetting” the traumatic event for short periods of time gives the person relief. Especially when it comes to sleep.

So many patients using Medical Cannabis for PTSD are finding the calming effects of Cannabis helpful. There is an abundant amount of Citizen Science and Veterans at ground level that will tell you they are getting relief. Big time!

Now let’s highlight the wonderful molecule called CBD or Cannabidiol!

What we see with people treating PTSD is that CBD at a therapeutic dose on a regular, daily basis is helpful. Nourishing the Endocannabinoid system helps the body’s aim of homeostasis. This System plays a role in EVERY disease. So, a healthy ECS helps balance your nervous system, mood, anxiety and chronic stress-related issues in the body. Nevermind what it can do for gut health - and we know that there is a gut/brain connection:)

We know CBD helps relieve chronic symptoms of anxiety. It helps those suffering feel more relaxed, grounded and patient.

Of course, CBD and THC are the two well known and most abundant compounds in Cannabis. Did you know that recently science has isolated and found over 110 different compounds within the plant? These compounds are being studied by many Canadian Universities and Researchers. In July 2019, Guelph University published findings that are very promising. Click here to read more.

This plant medicine works differently for every person, so there can be a lot of trial and error. Be patient and be mindful. As always, if you need guidance please reach out and book an appt with me!

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